Friday, July 9, 2010

Bring Us Your Building Problems

I just found our house on the CA Historical Resources Database and found pictures of it before.  I don't know what year, I'm guessing in the 80's.  Found out the original builder which is kind of cool - Edward A. Daniell. See his bio below.  I really want to find a picture pre-stucco. 

Our house is a non-contributing house and according to the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service - US Dept of the Interior - "this Craftsman bungalow's integrity is compromised by non-original stucco exterior wall cladding."   To this I say, WOOHOO!  Can't wait for this ugly stucco to come down so we can see the shingles underneath, I will wait with bated breath. (Corrected, thanks Kathy!)  It will be like seeing your new girlfriend for the first time without make up and heels, hoping it is just as pretty, if not prettier underneath that mask.  I'm a girl so that is how I think, not sure if that even crosses the guy's mind! 

Edward A. Daniell home, who went onto to become a very well-known designer/builder in Pasadena and San Marino. Built in 1916, this home was probably one of his very first of over 5,000 he built. As a prominent and well regarded builder and designer, The Pasadena Star News even commented in May 1936: "Daniell maintains the high standard of design and quality for which his homes are recognized." His advertisements proclaimed "Bring Us Your Building Problems." See attached building biography for more information.


  1. It is the correct phrase - I will wait with baited breath. Is that the correct phrase? - but it should be BATED breath.

  2. Hi Kandace -- Could you tell more about the process you went through to view the data about your house on the California Historical Resources Database? I clicked on the link and followed the trail, but it looks like one has to go through a fairly expensive process merely to view government-owned data. I hope I am wrong. What was your experience?

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