Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun day

Just bought our bathroom stuff today!  I have a longer update coming but this one is fun and quick.

If you go to the "Inspirations" link above, you can see the look we are shooting for.  

Big bath tub - BainUltra - Origami 6636
 P laid in the store model and didn't have to bend his knees so he was sold.  We got it without "air" and it has a nice slanted back for lying in the tub.  We opted to do the tub/shower combo but wanted to have a nice soaking tub.

Kohler Memoirs Stately Pedestal Sink and Toilet

The fixtures are in polished chrome with porcelain cap things (indexes).  California Faucets for most of the fixtures.  The shower will have a fixed shower head with an additional hand shower (for dogs and maybe kids?) as well as the tub faucet.  It will match the sink faucet shown below. 

The above faucet will have the "Topanga" handles (below). 


  1. Like all of your choices!!! Looking good.

  2. you need to make space for a urnial :)~

  3. am i allowed to say that storage space under a sink is a good thing? love reading your updates!

  4. The fun part...picking out new stuff! Great choices!