Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Marathon Weekend

While I was in San Diego running the Rock n' Roll half marathon at a snails pace, P was having a demo marathon of his own.  His father flew in from MA to help for 10 days and a bunch of his friends came over on Saturday to knock things down & out.   
Sub-contractors:  We had electricians, plumbers, dry wall guy, HVAC guy, and Otis all came over to give us estimates about what needed to be done.  They, of course, all cost a lot and P wants to do a lot on his own.  I don't think it's just to save money but so he can have the knowing that he did it himself when all is said and done.  Although, 85% is financial :)  We are going to have the drywall guy fix the walls and ceilings so they all match.
Buying stuff:  I already posted that since it's exciting so I will skip this.  Kitchen purchases will be next along with tile and wall "stuff." We bought a washer and dryer and dishwasher about a month ago (yes, before we closed or measured), I think we needed SOMETHING tangible!

Demo:  Before I left my weekend, I saw the demo that had been done so far.  You could see the shingles that are under the ugly stucco.  All the moldings are leaning up against the fence in the backyard with proper labels and are awaiting stripping.  It's kind of exciting to start completely fresh but a little scary at the same time.  You know it's all clean and new BUT you wonder if you will have everything done in time for moving day and enough money!

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