Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tough week!

I could pussy foot around it and pretend like this week was awesome but it wasn't.  One reason I wanted to start this blog was to share our progress with friends and family.  The second reason was to share with others out there who were deciding on a home renovation, the truths of doing so.  Finally, I wanted to write it so I could read it five years from now and remember all the sweat and tears that went into it.

So in essence of being honest...Last Friday we got some news about the house that was a minor set back.  Communication was low and stress was high and we all know where that goes.  So overall it wasn't a good week.  Conversations ensued about kitchen appliances (which I thought was agreed on), cabinets, and basically everything including the kitchen sink. Who picked what, who didn't like it, who's sacrificing more, etc.   This isn't an easy process and having to make decisions quickly, agreeing on layouts and fixtures, and  unplanned items popping up all the time taking more tests your limits and you just want to resign (or fire the other, depends).  You lie in bed gung-ho on quitting but at the same time thinking about what fixtures you want in the living room.  So maybe all you (or I) needed was a little break.  It took us a few days but we both came around and are now a team again!  :)  Pheew.  This isn't easy. 

 It's nice to be rebuilding though instead of tearing down.

The wood floors look to be in good condition and we wanted to sand them and stain them dark.  Unfortunately, they are a little too thin and there are a few patches that were being hidden.  The house used to have the traditional colonnades between the dining room and living room and you could see that in the flooring.  We put our new door right there so those probably won't be rebuilt but was glad to see the house used to have all the built-ins and craftsman charm.  Too bad someone decided to remove it all.  So, we will need to get new hardwood floors throughout the house.  

P had some really early mornings and long nights with his "real" job this week and luckily our "handyman" was able to get a lot of the work done. Onorio and Julio to the rescue.  They are really good and we trust them on the job site when we aren't around to let us know how the others contractors are doing. 

We need to choose fixtures which is a little overwhelming.  Choosing every light fixture is something that is generally done for me.  I might update the dining room light or something but never EVERY single fixture.  Plus, it's going to be expensive!

And we continue stripping windows, door jams, moldings, etc.

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