Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tub and tile

We ordered our tile today from Daltile store in Culver City.  Thanks to Chris for helping out.  He really knew his stuff, was very professional and had great ideas.  I can't say so much for the lady who couldn't even greet us when we walked into the showroom.  We got the 1" hexagon white tile for the bathroom floor.  We are going to randomly plug in black hexagons throughout.  P found the picture below and loves it.  I don't really get it but am willing to give it a try.  See, I AM accommodating!!  :)  On the walls, we are using 2" x 4" white tile as wainscoting 4' tall with a black 1/2" x 6" accent.  the tub/shower will have the 2" x 4" go all the way to the ceiling and will have 2 rows of the accent tile.  The tub will be framed in with a ledge with the tile.

Sample of random black in floor tile

Tile wainscoting inspiration

Mission Millworks will come out next week to measure our kitchen.  This I'm most excited about!!!

We are getting a new door for back door and was thinking of getting a custom door from Mission Millworks.  However, we want to get a dog door in it but I have looked everywhere and they are so cheap looking.  If anyone has any good recommendations for companies that don't have plastic white dog doors.  I'd like a dark brown one that blends with the door.  However, I found this company that builds them right into the custom door but I'm scared to get a price.  Do you think a wooden flap would their back?

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