Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Far from done but closer

Sorry about the LONG delay.  With packing, moving, finishing touches, trying to caught back up at work, writing about the house when I have some downtime hasn't been my first priority.  But here are some pictures to tide you over.  I apologize for the mess of moving but we will post more when we are closer.

The dark trim took HOURS of stripping, sanding, staining and then finally for some sealer.  They were all painted many times before and it what kept us busy for a long time.  We love the dark stain (java) and the new hard wood floors.  We thought the floors were drak until the stain came in.  We love it. 

Please ignore our light fixtures, they are literally the cheapest Home Depot had and we will be replacing them along the way. 

Reminder of what these rooms used to look like:  http://1916bungalowheaven.blogspot.com/2010/05/introduction-day-1-and-2.html

The kitchen isn't close to done and this is the room I am anxiously waiting for.  Cabinet doors and drawers are supposed to be in later this week or early next week.  Then we can paint them white and then we can get our appliances. 

Doorway from dining room, fridge will go on left.  So excited for the farmhouse sink!!

Kitchen from back door.  Dishwasher will go in hole in center and fridge will be on near left. 

Entrance from back door.  Washer and dryer will go in the built-in section underneath. 

Master Bedroom


Restoration Hardware medicine cabinet and Kohler sink

Our lovely plastic liner since our tile has been on backorder since the beginning of July.  Picture white 2x4" tile all the way to the ceiling with a black accent.  I love to imagine it when the plastic is stuck to me while taking a shower!  I love the speed of the hot water though with our new tankless water heater!!

The floor design we decided on. 

Office and "Man Cave"
Love, love, love my office.  Same set-up as before but now 1/2 my desk looks out a window so I can be the nosy gatekeeper onto our block.  I will be the first to know of any "odd" care in driveways :)

Entrance to office/man cave.

Dining Room

I will take some pictures in the evening when you can see the colors better and not so many sun glares.  Copley is loving being able to go out and in whenever he wants and so is Nala.  She is just so comfortable wherever she is.  She was lying on the front patio within 2 hours of living here, not a care in the world but where to roll!


  1. Nice job guys! We need to get out there and see it in person someday. ;)

  2. Looks great.... the end is in sight.... love the tile in the bath room... can't wait to see the kitchen when it is done... you can tell it is going to look perfect... That Nala... she is so adaptable...