Monday, November 7, 2011

"Let There Be Light" - Take 2

So, I received an email today with the announcement that Williams-Sonoma is buying Rejuvenation.  While I love both companies, I am hoping that rejuvenation doesn't change a thing about it's customer service and products with this acquisition.  Congratulations to both, I hope it's a good change.

That said, lighting for the bathroom was finalized today and this time, I'm hoping they both work.  We already have the Restoration Hardware Dalton flush mount in hand and while it is a tiny bit too big, it should work. See our old plan and our current lighting (yes, just the bulb, staying classy)

Rejuvenation is having a great sale (25% off period lighting), that ends today, and we made out with this new light for over the medicine cabinet.  Fingers crossed the shades match AND sizing works.

Bend light with Bell eggshell shade (ordered 6" & 7")

RH Dalton Flushmount

I will post pictures when they are installed, but the walls must be re-painted first so it might be a couple weeks. 

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