Monday, March 19, 2012

Bungalow Exterior Update



The exterior is painted and the shingles are all fixed.  It looks really good.  Remember, the shingles were under that horrible stucco!  The chimney and front pillars might get a new color since they don't stand out enough.  The top of the pillars are concrete, my vote was to paint the top the trim color but they will be staying concrete as the floor of the front porch.  The thrid color trim which you can't see very well is actually a forest like green.  Kind of funny that is the color chosen since we both hated the brown and green on the house before. 

Landscaping and fence to come soon.

What do you think?  Would you paint the chimney and pillars:
  • a darker color?
  • keep them the same color as house but paint accents in trim color (or a 4th color)?
  • keep it as it is?
  • paint the wood pillars connecting to the concrete the trim color instead and keep bottom as is?
  • other ideas?

Before pictures

Color inspirations


  1. From Sherrill:
    How about painting the wood pillars and concrete caps the trim color to unify the facade? Then paint the stucco pillars and fireplace a darker or lighter gray.

    1. Thanks Sherrill,
      That is something I have been thinking too.

  2. I agree, paint the wood part of the pillars and the accents on chimney the same color as trim before you paint the whole chimney and stucco pillars. That might create enough of a contrast.