Thursday, April 12, 2012

Final Update - Before and After Bungalow

The house is still being completed, the yard, the garage and some of the details both inside and out.  However, it is livable, painted, and amazing compared to where it was two years ago.  P definitely had the optimistic vision more than I did. 

And now, for the current before and after (well almost after).  The afters are actually not all current, some have been improved upon since, I just don't have photos of the latest.  We hadn't really gotten around to decorating the walls and "styling" yet either so walls are fairly bare as some windows.  I know he has decorated quite a bit more just in the past couple of months.  There are some great curtains and wall hangings up now really tying the place together.  So, I apologize for some of the after shots not really being what is REALLY looks like now.

Exterior before and now pictures


AFTER (before stucco removal though)


 BEFORE - living room

AFTER - Living Room
Sorry, this was when we moved in so lots of junk.  Looks way different now but can't find a picture.
Between living room and dining room
All the doors are stained this color and have doorknobs now.  P spent many hours stripping these doors.

 BEFORE - Dining Room

Again, shortly after we moved in so lots of boxes.

BEFORE - Bedroom #1

Day we moved in but you see the frame and color, etc.  Looks much better now.
Closet he installed.
Before lights and room is arranged differently now.

 AFTER - Bedroom #2
I couldn't find any before pictures but picture poop brown walls and brown poop popcorn ceiling.  
This is a messy pic of office/game room.  Now it is a guest room only.
BEFORE - Bathroom (so gross)


BEFORE - Kitchen (also, very gross)


Favorite thing was the sink!  I believe a Shaw.

 What do you think?


  1. I think you learned as much about relationships as you did about home renovation. It will all serve you well. I'm happy that you saved that bungalow, and sad that your relationship didn't make it through.
    Take care,

    1. Thank you, we indeed learned a lot. Very bittersweet but happy for him and the house, and the neighborhood no longer having that one "ugly" house.

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