Thursday, March 10, 2011

A splash of color

I know you all have been waiting for this post like it was the next Harry Potter book and for that I apologize.  Work has been nutty and funds and motivation have been low.  However, with Spring comes tax returns and we are starting to be able to put a little more work into the house!  I also have decided to stop waiting for everything to be final and start decorating where I can. 

Updates since last post:

Interior doors are hung.  Patrick stripped them all and what a major pain that was.  He also hung them which was a first for him.  The drama and yelling with the first one was rather entertaining. He was MAD!  But it finally hung correctly and that feeling of accomplishment was more than enough to hang the other door.  You see, we only have 4 interior doors and the bathroom door was already hung.  Next up, door hardware.  Yes, Copley and Nala frequently join you in a room they are not invited in with a simple nudge of a wet nose.  Can't wait for doorknobs!!

P's first door!!  The hardware will jazz it up but it's gorgeous!

Countertops are 3/4 of the way in.  Yay!!  We should have the two pieces to flank the stove in the next two weeks.  We need to fix the gas line behind the stove so we can push the stove all the way in.  It pokes out an inch further than it should causing a gap behind it which I don't need crumbs and grease piling up over the next few years. 

New tea kettle for kitchen.  Imagine the white tile back splash and black counter top.

The full look (minus back splash) = LOVE!

Decor - This is not nearly done but we've added a few pops of color.  Our goal was to do muted tones on the walls and then add color with pillows, curtains, etc.  I like this method because when you want to switch it up, you just buy new pillows and avoid painting a whole room.  Here are some pictures of where we have only begun! 

A little green for the bathroom.  If you remember, my couch used to be this color and P wasn't a fan.  But he went with it in the bathroom.  I LOVE it!!  

New Ikea cabinet with new towels.  World Market towels 

More towels.  
The "entryway" or section between living room and dining.  What color should I paint the "K?"  Yes, those are Christmas cards still on the wall but I kind of like them.  I know, time to take them down. 
Dining room table with new ceramic vases from West Elm.  5 vases for $25 = DEAL!  One is in above pic too.

Here is a picture of my green couch and apartment in Boston! 

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