Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And on Month 11, God said, "Let there be light"

We finally ordered lights and we can't wait to see them all installed.  I really enjoy layered lighting so I'm sure down the road I will be ordering lamps that go with these fab fixtures!  Once they are installed, I will not hesitate to add pictures of them.  And without further ado, here are our new lights.

Current fixtures
This is what is up in ALL our fixtures, yes, even on the wall sconces!  You can imagine how excited we are to step up our class.  

Dining Room 

I found this light on and then found thier full website.  They are a company outside of San Diego and custom make all their lights.  We ordered ours with straight rods, dark brown wood and emerald green for the touch of color.  Can't WAIT to see it up.  Love!

Prairie Mission Style - Mission Studio

 Living Room

We are hoping the glass and metal match the dining room fixture since the rooms are attached with no real separation.  We shall see.

Arts & Crafts Mission "Moser" - Barn Light Electric


I decided to mix it up in the kitchen.  We have a lot of polished chrome finishes including the hardware on the cabinets and the sink fixtures.  I loved the look of a kitchen I saw when we were planning but can't for the life of me find the picture now.  We are getting 2 schoolhouse lights in polished chrome and one gooseneck sconce in bronze.  Can't wait to see how it looks.

Jefferson - Rejuvenation - oh, they are opening a store in LA in the Fall, can't wait!!
Original Gooseneck Warehouse light 14" in bronze - Barn Light Electric - this will go over the sink


Porter Pendant in silver - Pottery Barn


We just wanted to do traditional in here, nothing too crazy.

Ashland Sconce in polished chrome - Pottery Barn
Mercer Ceiling Fixture - Pottery Barn  
I am not 100% in love with this Mercer fixture but we'll see how it looks in the room.  I wanted to go a little more square but I just wanted to get something.  We also ordered a TP holder and a hand towel holder!  I'm so excited to see the bathroom coming together.

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